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I'm not sure I get all this and if you do please let me know.

Reality vs. Illusion (9/2008) Everything you see will end! That’s blunt, I know; but it’s true. Are you living for the temporary, or are you seeking with your whole heart for Reality, what is Eternal? All that is Eternal is Invisible and can only be seen with the Eyes of Christ. It is a picture of Oneness, something that cannot be comprehended by ego and the mind run by it.

This world will keep you so busy chasing it’s illusions that your time will be consumed by it, thereby keeping you from your destiny of returning to your Oneness with the Father, Who is constantly drawing you from the illusion to Home in the Kingdom (His/Yours). It usually takes a multitude of pain caused by following the egos antics before one will be fed up and decides there must be a better way, and then choose to turn from looking at all the frills outside to the answers which are contained inside, in the quieting of the mind.


There are few who recognize or are aware of the constant chatter of the mind, then deciding to get it under control. It runs amok; wild as a wounded grizzly, leading wherever it wants as long as it doesn’t go far enough to awaken the person to the point of asking questions about life and purpose. All the gains one makes in this world is vanity; nothing. Again, I’m being blunt, or to the Point. There is only One Point and It cannot be found in anything made on this planet that consists of two or more; always. Outside of you there is always a subject and an object. The One Perfect Point is inside of you; period. A period is a point. It’s the end of the sentence. Like the Sun/Son as a giant Period in the heavens. It’s the end of the sentence! The heavens declare the Glory of God and then comes the Period; the Sun/Son.


It is DEEP inside of you, covered over with taught ideas of sin, guilt, and fear. The way to reach Truth and your Purpose is not to seek for Truth or Love, but to recognize guilt and fear in your everyday life, and bring it to Jesus and ask Him to show you how to think with His Mind rather than the one you’ve been using; the ego. Many who come to Christ think that there is a onetime asking for salvation, and that’s the end of it. There are layers of imaginary guilt and sin that has been piled onto the human mind through years of religious and ethical training, etc. Walls were built from childhood by being hurt mentally or physically. Nobody really gets in and God can’t get out, being our Center, His Light being blocked by darkness. We’re great at making walls and guilt and fear. We’re Sons of God who think (dream) we’ve separated from the Father, but actually have been created One with Him. We’re real good at making stuff. And how could One split off from Itself in the first place. You must be DREAMING! Awake, O sleeper, and Christ shall give you Light. Rise and shine. When I awake, I shall be in His Likeness! But how do I awake???


Good Question! In the meantime we chase after the shadows, never really finding the Light. God is waking you from the nightmare! He’s shaking you gently. Being in His Image He sees you spotless, sinless, guiltless, Pure, Perfect, Part of His Being. But in our nightmare we think we’ve separated ourselves from Him, making Him angry. It’s the ranting of the ego; the main individual character in this mad dream. Can God be so weak as to allow Himself to be split in pieces? Then He wouldn’t be ONE! We’re the ones who are imagining this silliness, of God being thrown into chaos, losing part of Himself. God didn’t kill or hurt your child or wife or husband. God is Love! He wouldn’t do something as cruel as that! God didn’t send His Son to a Cross to suffer and die a cruel death. Man’s ego, the killer did that! God doesn’t need a sacrifice to be whole again or to Love you. He’s not like us madmen! God is, always was, and always will be WHOLE. We’re the ones with the raving, lunatic minds who are fending for ourselves in this illusionary dream world, and defending our right to be right and holding onto our imaginary sin and guilt, and rather than keeping it in ourselves, projecting it onto others, thereby keeping it in our own self, for we are One with everyone on earth. That which is projected from our mind through our brain though our eyes and ears onto the screen of this world is what we are inside. We just walk by sight and so see separate bodies, and can’t know that we are actually ONE.


It’s time to wake the hell up! I wanted to say something stronger for a good adjective jolt, but I’m chicken. Besides, who am I to be shouting orders to you (me), who are Pure and Perfect and sinless and guiltless, who are Part of God> I’m talking to YOU (ME)! When I see fault in you, it’s in me; always. I know you can’t fathom that, but that’s the way it is. What we see is what is inside of us being projected onto the screen appearing to be outside of yourself.. If you see anger, go back to your mind and change your thinking to Love and Forgiveness for yourself and everybody, and watch then. The scene will change because your mind changed. When this begins to happen, then you are waking up. Keep on waking up and you’ll realize that you never left the Father in the first place; that it was a bad dream. This may take some time. Time is also part of the dream. In Eternity there is no time. It’s always NOW! That’s why “Now is the Time of Salvation”. It’s always now. But we’ve been trained for thousands of years to live with the ego in control keeping us in the future and the past which are never, ever here. Only Now is always here!


In answer to the question of how to wake up, it’s happening now. If you’re reading this you are awakening. Everybody will awaken; no exceptions, for we are all a part of the Oneness of God. What else could you be, except you be dreaming you are something else? In a dream you may see yourself walking or running or talking or seeing other people, but you are lying in bed and haven’t walked anywhere. When you awaken to this world you think is real, it is still a dream but much more vivid, but you will someday awaken from it also. You are doing so now, as I am, rubbing the sleep from our eyes and recognizing more and more that we are HOME with the Father with everyone in the world. There will be no more chasing the shadows of success thinking we’re on our own making a living, raising a family, attaining things and relationships which will ALL of them be gone and remembered as you might try to remember what you dreamed last night. It is all illusive. But in the ego’s determination for survival and its experience at deception, it will try to keep you chasing nothing for as long as it can.


My writings change constantly, for I am constantly seeking the Kingdom of God and on awakening, the Eyes of Understanding see Reality more clearly. How long it takes to totally awaken is not within my knowing, for Knowing is a Reality concept and while I still see myself as a body observing specifics and separation that the world portrays, I still err and judge and say wrong things, etc., not able yet to Know Truth as Spirit in Heaven. But the answer is not in the writings themselves anyway, for the writings are just symbols that point to other symbols that point to reality. Knowledge is Pure in Reality. There is no duality; just Oneness, and as I said, Oneness cannot be understood by those living in the body and the world; the ego. As we awaken, the blocks of sin, guilt, and fear are removed through the constant asking, thereby allowing the Pure Mind of Christ on the inside to appear; to surface. This is such a Pure Light that even as we awaken, the Light is so bright that it takes a while to adjust your Vision to it. And the Reality is not even in word; but It is in Power. 


It is key to not depend upon your own self to teach you, but to depend on Jesus and the Holy Spirit to show you the deceptions that must be removed. Rather than continuing to err in the same situations, we recognize from feeling our body, that error is taking place, through argument or anger or a feeling of pride in little selves. This awareness allows us to step back in our heads and call upon Jesus or the Holy Spirit to look in our minds and show us what is taking place. Now rather than letting the guilt or whatever the cause of the mistake is, to go back down and be repressed, the Master Teacher brings it to the surface and it becomes dissolved by His Light like it was never there. It really never was, but we BELIEVED it was there, just like we believed we’ve built walls to keep us from harm. They’re imaginary. It’s part of the dream. We’ve actually never left God. We’re totally ONE with Him, always and ever! There’s no use sweating. The consummation is a sure thing. The awakening must happen. It’s a good thing to want Reality now, rather than prolonging it by pursuing things of this world, thinking that it has any permanent peace or happiness for you. It doesn’t. Along with its happiness comes sadness. With its peace comes turmoil. It’s the way of the ego. Gods Way is Joy, Peace, and Righteousness with no opposites.


Concerning saving time, we as egos think of time as linear, like space. But in the Real World it is all right here in sort of a vertical place. We don’t move from here over to there. We kind of rise up! Wake UP! Arise and shine! See everything from a higher perspective. The higher you go, the more meaningless the mundane things of earth become. In Reality, in Heaven with the Father, it is Perfection. Many prolong the rising because they are afraid of losing their individual self, which will be lost anyway. But the willingness to lay it down is a matter of their own WILL which God will not force from anyone, lest He intrude on what He created. We are not puppets, but the Son of God. You are as important to God as He is to Himself! Believe it. If you have a hard time believing it, relate it to the natural wonderful Father who is full of Love who loves his own son. Do you see? Well, what do I do now?


Rest in the finished work! Be at Peace with yourself and the world. Stop fighting and accept this moment! You are loved by the Father. Let the Teacher teach you! Rest!!!  By: Tom Henry



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