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Vivify - A ROUSING SPIRIT A. E. Knoch

"Now if the spirit of Him Who roused Jesus from among the dead is making its home in you, He Who roused Jesus from among the dead will also be vivifying your mortal bodies because of His spirit making its home in you. Consequently, then, brethren, debtors are we, not to the flesh, to be living in accord with the flesh; for if you are living in accord with flesh, you are about to be dying. Yet, if, in spirit, you are putting the practices of the body to death, you will be living", Rom. 8:11-13.

The spirit of Him Who brought Jesus from among the dead may be called a rousing spirit. Can you imagine the amount of energy that was required to bring life back into the body of Him Who had lain in the tomb for three days? It was no small amount of energy, we may be sure. There is no limit to such power. God, through that spirit, is certainly able to be vivifying our mortal bodies.

Paul is not discussing the Resurrection in this chapter. In the passage under consideration he is telling about the enlivening of mortal bodies. He figuratively calls it vivifying. He sets before us the matter of being about to die, on the one hand, and living, on the other. Any person who has tried it, knows what is means for the body to be vivified, and yet remain mortal. It means health of body. It means strength. It means the ability to be active, enthusiastic.

We know something about the enlivening effects of electricity. We are in the very midst of this strange power. With the proper equipment it is conducted into our homes, and even into our bodies. We can see and feel the effect of its power. But there is another power in the very midst of which we live, move, and exist, and which is in us, as well. But we know so little about it that it seems a pity. There is equipment to bring it into our use. Alas! we know practically nothing about this equipment.

This lack of knowledge is due to the fact that we are configured to this eon, which places great stress upon the inferior, and ignores the superior. The equipment for using this power that roused Jesus from among the dead, is faith, quietness, conscious connection with the great Mind that plans and carries on the universe. "According to Thy faith, be it unto thee", has been true in every administration. "Be still and know that I am God", has not lost its potency because we are not living in the day of David. "In quietness and confidence shall be thy strength", is as true today as it ever was.

Let us suppose that you are distraught by many things that needs to be done. Since you cannot do much about it in five minutes, I prescribe for you five minutes of quietness, meditation, trust, three times a day. You can, if you practice it, cause your thoughts to get away from distracting matters, and think only of God and His good, His power, His interest in you and in others, for five minutes. Be where you can be quiet. Let everything that distracts you be shut out for the time. Think, and meditate, and trust, and love, as I have indicated in this paragraph, for at least five minutes. You have no idea how much this will make strong your body and mind. The rousing spirit takes possession of you . You are exhilarated. If this blessing does not come to you at first, remember that in order to do anything efficiently, we must practice it.

One of the greatest blessings is to come into the atmosphere that is supposed to prevail among those who have met to worship God. Sixty seconds of quietness with everything except God shut out, just before the beginning of a "sermon", will perform wonders. I think that the one who is going to speak in the meeting will do his congregation much good if he will practice having a one-minute period of silence just before he begins his talk.

Living in accord with flesh is depending on flesh for succor. People who do this may find themselves "about to be dying". They who, in spirit, put to death the doings of the body, will find themselves living, in all that this word implies.

I am not writing about warding of death indefinitely. There is no reason why people should be afflicted and about to be dying, while still holding on to life. Many people die without going through a state in which they are about to be dying. They just die. But until they do die, it is the privilege of people to be LIVING---not to be enduring pain and affliction that gradually bring them down to death by sheer exhaustion. This is brought about---this happy state of health---by the body being vivified through the spirit that roused Jesus from among the dead. It depends on that spirit making its home in us. Remember, this is a special spirit. Like us, this spirit makes its home where it is appreciated.


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