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WHY did GOD design HIS plan the way He did?

 Consider the  ? PURPOSE ?  of HIS plan.
Did God have a need? The need was filled but not in real-time.

The object (filling God's desire) was and is to create the human race to be HIS Family, His Children and they must love HIM, but because they wish, want to love HIM. GOD planned to be The Father of HIS Children. The first item on HIS list was to create HIS Firstborn Child. HE created Him in HIS Image enabling HIM to manifest Himself to and for HIS Children. The Father named Him Jesus and placed Him as a Member of HIS plan and while They designed the plan it was decided that Jesus was the HEAD of the entire plan from the beginning through the end. Upon completion of the plan Jesus the Firstborn Son of HIS Love turned over to HIS Father The Family that loves HIM.  The object was. is and will be THE family that loves HIM as HE loves us.  

Q & A  start with the tree God planted.

1.  God created humans capable of rebelling against Him.
2.  HE knew they would.
They did.
God approved the rebellion.
5.  HE knew how to bring them back-
6.  He could.
7.  He will.

The results of our (man's) life of rebellion teaches all of us to choose Jesus The Savior - not because HE would BURN US FOREVER,
but because even the dumb among us are not stupid so we all choose the plan of God's.

God did not create us Stupid.
Come on - tell Jesus you like HIS plan - do not act stupid - you are not.  
What do I need to tell Jesus to become a part of The Plan Now? Well, if you are not too smart it is very easy (simple). If you are too smart to believe the simple "how" it will take a little longer.

WHAT do I need to believe? THE GOSPEL: Jesus died on the cross for you - Jesus was dead but brought to life by His Father God - Jesus now lives with His Father Now. A lot of folk think this is too simple to be true.  How about even more simple? The bible says, "call upon the name of Jesus and you will be saved." How can you call upon Jesus if you do not believe He is? God gave you the faith to do this so do it!  AMEN?

If you can prove the above does not agree with scripture, please write me.
I must be open minded to believe all the stuff above.
 Please do not call me
but feel free to email me.
Or you may slip a note under my door at #216



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