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The Supreme Creator

Ever existing as the life source of all creation, the living womb of infinity itself, there has forever been the eternal Self Existent One, "Yahweh"….man's eternal "I AM" - Ex.3:14.  To Him alone belongs all power and honour and glory and blessing from every living creature.  This most High One was also known to the ancient Hebrews in the names of "Elohim" &  "El Shaddai" as well as by numerous other names and titles which denote His awesome nature.  The all powerful, majestic, Eternal Being, is better know to us in the English language as "God Almighty", "the Lord", "the Father", "the Creator" etc., "having neither beginning of days nor end of life" (Heb.7:3), who always was, and shall ever be, "God", "from everlasting to everlasting." Psa.90:2.

 Our supreme Creator stated through His prophet Isaiah, "Before Me there was no God formed (as powerful and sovereign as I), neither shall there be after me." Isa.43:10.  He neither recognizes nor acknowledges any other opposing god nor power, and neither should we - Ro.13:1.  Concerning man, "the Lord, your Holy One, the Creator of Israel" (Isa.43:15) reveals, "O Jacob and Israel…I have formed thee, thou art my servant." Isa.44:21.  "Thus saith the Lord, thy Redeemer, and He that formed thee from the womb.  I am the Lord that maketh all things, that strecheth forth the heavens alone; that spreadeth abroad the earth by Myself…that turneth wise men backward that confirmeth the word of His servant, and performeth the counsel of His messengers." Isa.44:24-26.   Believe it or not, He is certainly well able "even to subdue all things unto Himself." Phil.3:21.

 "Who hath established all the ends of the earth?  What is His name and what is His Son's name?" Prv.30:4. His name is Jesus Christ (Rev.1:5), "Jahshua" (Matt.1:21), the "Almighty Alpha and Omega" (Rev.1:8), "the beginning (architect) of the universal creation (that came forth) of God." Rev.3:14; Eph.3:9.  He is the (visible) "image of the invisible God" (Col.1:16), even "thy Creator" [orig. Hebr. is Creators--plural] (Eccl.12:1), and we are being transformed into the very likeness of that image.

 When the Bible declares God as "the former of all things" (Jer.51:9).  This obviously refers to His being the "former" (yatsar - a pressing, forming, fashioning, moulding process) or Creator of all original heavenly and earthlythings which were formed, brought forth and made manifest in the first six days of His universal creation.  "God said, Let there be..(Gen.1:3) and there was!  Here, we are not concerned whether the six days are literal days or not.  What we are more concerned with is pointing out that the Creator of "all things" is necessarily the primary source of all created things.  We might add that He is also the primary cause of all that was caused in creation with their resulting effects---regardless whether they be seen as positives or as negatives by the carnal mind of man.

 The Source Of All Things

 All things of substance in the visible material creation as well things in the invisible spiritual creation, came forth from energized actions of the creative Spirit of God Almighty.  "For [out] of Him and through Him" and not just out of nothing…came all things and "are all things." Ro.11:36.  When God spoke, "out of  the mouth of the Most High proceedeth not evil and good?" Lam.3:38; Jer.51; Ex.4:11.  Shall we believe what the scriptures say, or shall we believe what the traditions of men say in regards to the origin of all things?  Do all things include only "good" things that contain no elements of evil?  Evil is universal in scope and applications?  Are the scriptures not?

 "He that built [Grk. prepared] all things is God." Heb.3:4.  This is the same "great God that is also said to have "formed all things" (Prv.26:10; Eccl.7:13) and "by Him all things (visible and invisible, earthly and heavenly, natural and spiritual, dead and living, evil and good) consist." Col.1:17.  He alone, is totally sovereign in creating and governing even all original things that were to appear and did appear in His creation.  Not just some specified things, but rather "all things (originally) were made by Him…without Him was not anything made that was made." Jn.1:1,3.  This is a totally clear yet often misrepresented truth by men who would let their traditions dictate otherwise.  It is everywhere throughout scripture, yet almost everywhere the truth of "all things" is qualified, watered-down or even perverted by the carnal unbelieving minds of religious men. 

 The forementioned "all things" and the "anything" there would necessarily have to include all the natural and spiritual laws that were to govern the whole universe in positives as well as negatives, in good as well as in evil. The fundamentalist church's basic premise is that the intrinsic nature of evil itself evolved.  It's origin was from somewhere unknown---anywhere but from the Creator of all things---even from nothing.  The Bible does not teach evolution of all evil things nor even the potential of it…originating from some unknown source, or else from out of "nowhere."  Some call this the theory of "evilution."  And a theory it is, for the scripture is very clear on the origins of evil and good, darkness and light and that which was to follow.

 "God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night: He made the stars also.  And God set them…to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light from the darkness: and God saw that it was good." Gen.1:16-18.  Not one particle of matter, not one atom, not one molecule, not one substance nor form of energy nor power was made to exist but that it was created by and of our Almighty Creator God Himself.  Nothing existed before HIM and nothing exists without Him.  "He is before all things and by Him ALL THINGS CONSIST." Col.1:17.  To believe anything less, takes away from the truth of His absolute preeminence and His absolute sovereignty in all things that exist.

 The Origin of Evil Powers

 If Almighty God existed before anything was "created" and if "all things" were "built", "formed", "made" and "consist"---"Of Him" and "through Him" and "by Him", how can one truly believe that principalities and powers of other than His own nature came into existence any other way?  Another key scripture which sheds more evident light on this subject, is found in the words of our Creator Himself who declared through His prophet Isaiah, "I form the light and I create darkness: I make peace and create evil: I the lord do all these things." Isa.45:7.

 Qualify "all things" and "evil" if you will with lesser evils such as natural calamities, pestilence's, disasters, judgment against sin or whatever, but the basic principle of truth remains…."I….create evil", says the Lord Himself.  "Shall there be evil in a city, and the Lord hath not done it?" Am.3:6.  Was not revelation of this truth revealed to His servants the prophets? vs.7. 

Yes, God originally formed the many facets which His word refers to in general as "light" and "darkness".  On His right hand he brought forth all aspects of light and life and truth into creation.  In His visible creation, He brought forth the natural light of the sun to make the day.  On the other hand, He brought forth into visibility the reflected artificial light of the moon which was to have dominion in the night.  He Himself created the very essence and presence of darkness to both conceal and display the dominant presence of light and life.  Even the natural and spiritual power of death itself was divinely integrated into the very design of God's plans and purpose for His universal creation.  So also was the original darkness upon the face of the deep (Gen.1:2) and the darkness of the earthly night - Ezk.32:7,8.

 The Creator of all things reserves all power to make goodness and peace, and to cause and create, any or all facets of that which brings evil to light.  The Lord not only brings forth evil in the form of calamity and destruction (Jl.1:15; Jer.45:4,5; 44:2 etc.) but He created the original source of all evil power that would begin to operate in the cosmos.  How can this be you ask?  For we are also told that "in Him is no darkness at all." 1Jn.1:15.

 This is true in that He brought forth into creation, other lesser powers and natures to originally exist in a realm divided (Gen.1:4,6,7) and apart from the nature of His own intrinsic holiness.   These powers were to be administered and controlled entirely according to the foreordained workings (Heb.4:3; Ac.15:18; Isa.46:9,10) of His own counsel and will - Eph.1:11), even of His own "eternal purpose which he purposed in Christ Jesus our Lord." Eph.1:11.  Therefore in all of this, it remains of an eternal and infinite truth that "there is no wisdom, nor counsel, nor understanding against the Lord" (Prv.21:30) simply because "all things are of God." 2Cor.5:18.

 Great revelational truth given to Paul the Apostle in the beginning of the New Testament dispensation, confirms that "BY HIM were all things created (directly or indirectly) that are in heaven or that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be THRONES, or DOMINIONS, or PRINCIPALITIES, or POWERS (good or evil, natural or spiritual): all things (such as exist in the basic powers of natural or spiritual life or death) were created (preordained, fabricated, formed, brought forth) by Him, and for Him (for His eternal purpose in the plan of the ages); and He is before all things (in existence, and in power and in glory and in all preeminence), and by Him all things consist." Col.1:13-17; Rev.4:11.  The answers to some of the greatest mysteries of the ages are to be found in this verse and in the many others associated with it through the Spirit of Truth.

 "Thou hast made heaven, the heaven of heavens, with all their hosts, the earth and all things that are therein, the seas and all that is therein." Neh.9:6; Ac.14:15; 17:24.  "All those things hath mine hand made." Isa.66:2.  In conjunction with this, the Bible clearly associates and reveals that Satan has a place in the heavens as well as in the earth and in the seas - 2Chr.18:18-21; Jb. chptr.1; Rev.12:3,7,8; Lk.10:18; Isa.27:1.  We see that in the natural realm or plane of the earth that "God created…sea monsters." (serpents) Gen.1:21.  Did he create anything so much different in the spiritual plane of existence?

 The Origin of Satan

 Oh church, put on those stronger glasses.  Look once again at the word of the Lord.  Cast aside your blinding philosophies and binding traditions and anoint thine eyes with eye salve, that thou mayest see.  "BY HIS SPIRIT He garnished the heavens; HIS HAND hath FORMED THE CROOKED SERPENT" (Jb.26:12,13; Rev.10:6), "leviathan, THE PIERCING SERPENT, even leviathan that CROOKED SERPENT; and He shall slay THE DRAGON that is in the sea." Isa.27:1; Psa.74:13,14.  The word "leviathan" simply means "sea dwelling beast, monster, serpent, dragon."  This monstrously wicked and beastly spiritual influencing serpent, shall in time be revealed and ultimately slain when the Lord shall consume him with the Spirit of His word and shall manifestly destroy him with the brightness of His coming - 2Ths.2:8.

 What sea is it wherein this serpentine dragon does dwell?  Keep those strong glasses on now!  This sea is none other than the universal sea of troubled human minds - Isa.57:20; Jb.28:12,14.  It is here "in this great wide sea wherein are things creeping innumerable, both small and great beasts." Psa.104:25.  The prophet Ezekiel saw the same truth portrayed in a vision of the inner court of the temple of his people - Ezk. chptr.8; 1Cor.6:19; 2Ths.2:4.  It is here in the human soul and mind were leviathan, that old crocodile, comes to the surface in humanity (Psa.104:26), now easily to be seen by spiritual eyes as "THE GREAT DRAGON, that OLD SERPENT, called THE DEVIL and SATAN which deceiveth the whole world." Rev.12:9.

 Even in the beginning, this spiritual beast, leviathan, "the serpent, was more subtle than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made." Gen.3:1.  Note that this does not say that this serpent was made in the field (earth). It simply reveals, he was of the beast nature, and more subtle than any other.  He was conceived and created in the waters (even the spirit realms of the heavens and of the mind of man) and brought down to dwell in the lower realms of the creation of humanity, spiritually typified by "the earth", "the sea" and "under the earth." Rev.4:13; Gen.1:21.

 Yes, the serpent "the great dragon" in/of the carnal mind who is in opposition to God (Ro.8:7) dwells as a ruling Pharaoh in the midst of all the earth, even as the mind of men who say "my river is mine own and I have made it for myself." Ezk.29:3.  His scales are none other than his own pride (Jb.41:15) which is enmity with God.  Again, spiritually speaking of the king of Egypt, "…thou art as a whale ("tannim" - leviathan dragon etc.) in the seas.." (Ezk.322), a great beastly ruler in the midst of the earth.

 As has been shown, the subtle deceiving serpent, even the devil himself (whatever, whoever or however you may picture him as being), was formed as a work of God's hand.  He is a sea dwelling beast.  But remember, it is the most holy Lord Himself who "overall ruleth the raging of the sea." Psa.89:9.  Take note that "both the deceived and the deceiver are His." Jb.12:16; Ro.9:21.  God alone, reserves the right "to make one vessel unto honour, and another unto dishonour…to shew His wrath, and to make His power know…that He might make known the riches of His glory on the vessels of mercy…even us (of the ecclesia) whom He (first) hath called.." Ro.9:21-24.

 The exalted Creator of all things, always has been and ever will be, in total divine control of all in His natural and spiritual creation.  "Thou sendeth forth thy Spirit, they (small and great creatures, lowered and elevated vessels), they are created." Psa.124:25-29.  He alone has created and now commands "the heavens and all the hosts of them" Psa.33:6; 148:5; Prv.16:4; Isa.45:12.  Prayerfully and carefully read Job chapters one and two.  The devil is no exception and is not excluded from "all the hosts."

 In every aspect of His sovereignty over man and over all His creation, it is revealed that there is "no power but of God: (any of) the powers that (now) be (now exist since their creation - and necessarily include the very real principalities and powers of death, hell, Satan, flesh, carnality, beastly natures etc. and) are ordained of God." Ro.13:1.  It cannot be any other way!  The Lord says, "Whatsoever is under the whole heaven is mine. (Therefore who can have a claim against God, GOD WHO MADE THE UNMASTERED CROCODILE?) Jb.41:11 [Amplif. Bible].  This beast "looks all mighty (beasts of prey) in the face (without terror); he is a monarch of all the sons of pride." [Note: we the creation of man, are the devil's beasts of prey and fallen humanity are the sons of pride]. ("And now Job, who are you, who dares arouse the unmastered crocodile, yet who dares resist ME, THE BEAST'S CREATOR; to my face?  Everything under the heavens is mine; therefore who can have a claim against God?" Jb.41:34 [Amplified].

 The foregoing thought is carried on in the New Testament where Paul says, "God has consigned (penned up) all men to disobedience" and then questions His way by asking, "Who has first given God anything that He might be paid back or that he could claim a recompense?  For (the truth is) from Him and through Him and to Him are all things--For all things originate with Him and come from Him; all things live through Him, and all things center in and tend to consummate and to end in Him.  To Him be glory forever!" Ro.9:32-36 [Amplified].

 Because of the man made doctrines of "eternal" hell and "free" will, so many of God's children have lingering doubts concerning the all encompassing scope of God's creation in "all things"…whether they be the all things in the beginnings of creation or the same "all things" in the end of creation.  The evidences of this great truth as revealed in God's word are many.  Yet sadly, the blind leaders continue to lead the blind and most have fallen into deep ditches of spiritual darkness, unable to find their way out - Lk.6:39.  Only the truth in God's word is "a lamp unto my (our) feet and a light unto my (our) path." Psa.119:105.  Only in "thy light shall we see light." Psa.36:9.

 Bringing Forth An Instrument

 As we continue focusing in on these great truths, we find where the Lord saith, "I HAVE CREATED THE SMITH (even the fabricator of lies, the maker of evil works) that bloweth the coals in the fire (compare leviathan -  Jb.41:21), and that BRINGETH FORTH AN INSTRUMENT for his (its evil) work; and I HAVE CREATED THE WASTER (the devil - Jn.10:10) to destroy." Isa.54:16.  This same principle is revealed in the use of "the Assyrian", typical of Satan whom the Lord says is used as "the rod of mine anger" and "the staff in whose hand is mine indignation." Isa.10:5 [Amplified].  See our article "The Lord killeth And Maketh Alive" for much more scripture and detail on God's involvement in the workings of evil.

 It is God who, for the ultimate purposes of His creation and its perfection, has in the wisdom of His far-reaching love, created the destroyer, the devastator, to work havoc---to heat up the fire in this present universal furnace of affliction - Isa.54:16; Jb.23:10.  Yet, in all of this, the many gates of hell shall not prevail (retain power, prosper) against His new creation - Matt.16:18.

In the end, "No weapon that is formed" (the serpent included) will have been found to prosper either against God or against His creature-but will in fact, be found to have only prospered for them (Ro.8:35) and in all other things whereunto the Spirit of His word has been sent to accomplish - Isa.55:11.  In a further positive sense, this destroyer of man was created as an instrument to destroy the flesh and all that's associated with it, so that the full salvation of the spirit may be completed in the day of the Lord.  This is the principle found in 2Cor.5:5.

 This waster and destroyer of mankind was created with the attributes of "a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth." Jn.8:44.  Many have been deceived in believing that this deceiver was once righteous and holy from the beginning and did abide in the truth.  Beloved, this deceiver, from the foundation of his creation and most certainly from the beginning of natural man's creation, always was and by reason of his first creation nature, still is, "a liar and the father of it." Jn.8:44.  It remains of a truth which ever way one looks at it, that "the devil sinneth from the beginning." 1Jn.3:8.  Many would have us believe, he was holy from the beginning, abode in the truth and fell in his sin sometime later.

 It is noteworthy to know at this point that all evil is not necessarily sin but all sin is surely evil.  It is also noteworthy to know that evil (with its potential of sin), was channeled into the present so called "fallen" world through the disobedient mind of one man and not through one disobedient angel as tradition so often implies - Ro.5:12.  All this was a part of God's creative plan for the ages to come.  After all, if the Lord hadn't wanted the first man Adam to experience the knowledge of both good and evil, why was it that in the presence of Adam,"out of the ground made the Lord God to grow…the tree of the knowledge of both good and evil?  In reality, this was planted and made to grow in the garden of Adam's mind and soul.

 The original Adamic creation may have been full of natural wisdom and perfect in outward beauty (Ezk.28:12,13) in comparison to the rest of the creation around him, and even relatively perfect in his ways from the day of his creation (and all this was in the realm of "good" yet a far thing from holiness) "till iniquity was found in him." Ezk.28:15.  Was this by accident?  Did it catch God off guard?  Did it just magically appear?  No, not at all.  It was entirely "of God" as a part of His eternal universal plan of creation, redemption and restitution of all things!

 Even as the presence of evil and death was sown in and grown in the first man Adam, he was also "sown" by God into the presence of evil and death as a natural body--even a life given soul - Gen.2:7; 1Cor. chapter 15.  In contrast as well as in remedy to this, "the last Adam was made a quickening (life giving) Spirit." 1Cor.15:45.  These ways and works were planned and initiated by reason of the Creator and not of Satan nor man - Ro.8:20.  As a designated part of His earthly creation God formed and made vessels of wrath.  Now in the intermediate and latter states of His creation, He who has begun a good work in us through mercy and grace, shall perform this work unto perfection - Ro. chptr. 9.

 It has never been in the design of God's plan, nor has it been a part of His will that any of His creatures be eternally destroyed in the process. Nor is it just or righteous for Him to eternally subject them to the wrath of sin and suffering.  Just as God was responsible in creating "all things" by Him, He is also responsible for bringing about reconciliation, redemption and restitution of all things through Him by rebirth in Him - Ro.11:36; Eph.1:10.

 Therefore, we find that the Master Potter of all things in creation…is through the power of the cross, now instituting His preordained work of remolding, rebuilding, repairing and restoring the old foundations and waste places - Isa.58:12; 61:4; Ezk.16:53-55; 36:11; Am.9:11,12 etc.   God is presently in the process of destroying the old creation and all that is in it, not by destroying it forever in the sense of leaving it in a perpetual state of judgment nor destruction, but rather by reversing the state of creation through omnipotently changing it - Heb.1:12 

The generous, benevolent, predestined work of the Creator now also includes such divinely connected remaking processes such as….receiving, reviving remembering, returning, recompensing, revealing, redeeming, regenerating, recovering, replenishing, refreshing, rekindling reproving, rewarding, replacing, resolving, reaching, rescuing, renewing, resurrecting and reconciling "all things unto Himself; by Him…whether they be things in earth or things in heaven." Col.1:20.  The Creator of heaven and earth and all things therein, created nothing of the earth in vain - Isa.45:18.  Rather. By reason of Him, He formed it to be inhabited, not only by humanity but also by Himself, whose reigning Spirit of loving reality shall surely be revealed to all and in all…that God may ultimately be "all in all." 1Cor.15:28; Rev.21:3.  Rest assured, the results of His preeminence shall redound to the great glory of our sovereign predominant Redeemer.

 His Plan and Purpose for all Things

 Once again we find where He saith, "I am the Lord that maketh all things." Isa.44:24.  Let us seek to return all vestiges of power to our most high "God who created ALL things by Jesus Christ." Eph.3:9.  This is the same Lord "of whom are all things…by whom are all things" (1Cor.8:6) and to whom all things in the eternal Spirit of God are already reconciled - Col.1:20.  If the devil of evil wasn't included in the working of God's original purpose before the foundation of the world, then the loving sacrifice of the Lamb who taketh away the sin of the world, also need not have been in the plan of the ages - Rev.13:8; Tit.1:2.

 Oh Lord, "the heavens are then, the earth is also thine.  As for the world, and the fullness thereof, thou hast founded them." Psa.89:11; 24:1; Deut.10:14.  Truly, "Thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure, they are were created." Rev.5:11.  Truly also, in the finished work of thy Son, thy pleasure shall prosper - Isa.53:10.  For "as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive (1Cor.15:22); made alive and vivified by "Him that filleth all in all." Eph.1:23; 4:10.  O Lord, thou art worthy of worship from every creature - Rev.5:13.  Therefore, it is only to the credit of thine glory and power and honour that we do reveal the greatness of thine ultimate love and truth.

 Speaking not only of Himself, Jesus foretold a great and deep prophetic truth concerning Satan himself.  This was in true harmony with the end of His plan of creation…"for it is written, thou shalt worship the Lord thy God and Him only shalt thou serve." Matt.4:10; Phil.2:10,11; Psa.145:10; Gen.1:24.  Is it not also written, "So shall my word be…it shall not return unto Me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereunto I sent it." Isa.55:11.  Did God send forth His Word to save all in a universal salvation or did He send it forth to accomplish the salvation of only some.?

 O Lord, "Thou reignest over all: and in thine hand is power and might: and in thine hand, it is to make great and give strength unto all." 2Chr.29:2; Psa.145:16,17.  And so He shall!  This is part of His pleasure and His purpose and this He surely shall do - Psa.115:3.  "All the inhabitants of the earth are reputed as nothing: and He doeth according to His will in the army of  heaven, and among the inhabitants of the earth: and none can stay His hand, or say unto Him, what doest thou?" Dan.4:35.  "Who hath resisted His will?" Ro.9:19.  The answer precious ones, is none---not one creature in all the creation!  In light of this fact, is it not now much easier to believe that "all things shall be subdued unto Him?" 1Cor.15:28.  Surely, He is the loving Author and shall be the loving Finisher of all in accomplishing the purpose and pleasure of His Word in both the natural and spiritual universal creations - Col.1:15-18; Heb.11:2; Rev.1:8.


All Things Work Together

 In the beginning, in the inception of God's plan for mankind, we find that "the creation was made subject to vanity" (put in subjection, submission), not by Satan, not my man, not by any other creature, but wholly "by pre-ordained) reason (and divine plan) OF HIM (God) WHO SUBJECTED then same in hope." Ro.8:20.  Actually, Adam (a type of the spirit) began its subjection to a lower realm when "the Lord God formed man out of the dust of the ground…and became a living soul" (Gen:27), a soul subjected to the reality of evil.

 Our subjection to this lower realm of life and the evil fruit that was present in it, was altogether purposed of the Creator.  And now, "Behold, is it not by appointment of the Lord of Hosts that the nations toil only to satisfy the fire (that will consume their work of wood, hay and stubble), and the peoples weary themselves only for emptiness, falseness and futility?  But (the time is coming when) the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord.." Habk.2:13 [Amplif.].  There is fulfillment of the hope!

 The whole creation was created subject to an interim vanity and travail and all the evils associated therein. This became experientially manifest when Eve (the soul) chose to partake of the evil fruit of untried and untested sin.  As a result of unlawful disobedience, "this sore travail hath God given to the sons of men to be exercised (and processed) therewith." Eccl.1:13; 3:10,11. "God hath concluded them all (shut them all up together in sin, death and) in unbelief, that (when His plan and purpose are concluded) He might have  mercy upon all." Ro.11:32; 5:12.

 "Thou turnest man to destruction (beginning with the first man Adam); and sayest, return, ye children of men" (Psa.90:3; Hos.6:1-3) through the last Adam, Jesus Christ - Ac.17:30.  "So shall my word be that goes out from my mouth…It will…accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it." Isa.55:11.  "He is in one mind, and who can turn Him?  and what His soul desireth, even that He doeth." Jb.23:13.

 Did man create the surroundings and conditions which he found himself in subjection to after his disobedience, or even before for that matter?  The scriptures do not support this.  The Lord saith, "Behold now Behemoth (a large beast) which I made with thee." Jb.40:15.  Not only was this beast made with him it was made in Him.  The reality of the beast nature was made manifest within him.  Because of this, the original innocent, untried and fragile vessel, whom the Creator "made of clay, was marred in the hand of the Potter." Jer.18:4.  Man really wasn't marred in or by the hand of Satan or the serpentine beast, he was marred by the work of God's own hand.

 Yea, all this was a part of the foreordained plan of God and the works of God and of His own predestined counsel and will - Eph.1:11; Heb.4:3; Ac.15:18; Isa.46:9,10; 43:13.  If God be truly omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent; and if His creative and providential sovereignty be absolute in all things, then the perfect will of God has not ceased to be a part of all these things.  At no time have men, nor angels, nor authorities nor powers not been fully subject potentate." 1Tim.6:15.

 The basic principles and truths found in scripture such as all the foregoing, reveal that the divine harmony found in the interplay of evil with good, has never been working toward an ultimate demise of the whole creation but rather toward its ultimate perfection.  And now we are assured and "we know all things (good and evil) work (according to God's own working pleasure) together for Good to them that love God, and to them who are the called according to His purpose." Ro.8:28.  We who have in grace first been given the love of God, "know that the whole creation goaneth and travaileth in pain together until now" (Ro.8:22) "in expectation that the creation itself, also, shall be freed from the slavery of corruption into the glorious freedom of the children of God." Ro.8:31.  Our Creator shall not fail them nor disappoint them!

 All Things New

 What clear and wonderful objectives we have revealed to us in God's purpose! What a sovereign work of love that is yet to be revealed in His creation!  "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion…over all the earth.." Gen.1:26.  But by divine design, this could never be, nor was it ever intended to be, without the suffering of evil---without knowing both good and evil as God Himself knew.  Subjection to evil with the inevitable suffering it brings was ordained to be a necessary part of the Creator's process for His creation.

 So it was in the beginning when God began the creative and then regenerative processes of making man into His own image.  In like manner it continues unabated in the advanced process of His new creation (Eph.2:10), that "All things are of God." 2Cor.5:17,18.  The old has served its purpose.

 Now he is calling every man in His own divine order, "Return ye children of men"(Psa.90:3) and "behold, I make all things new." Rev.21:5.  As a necessary part of His great work, and to reveal His great power and glory, He not only has an obligation say it but also to do it.   His absolute sovereign power and His divine determination guarantee it!

 To insure and complete the fulfillment of His purpose, God in His due time has sent His own Son to dwell in man to finish the work.  "It is finished." Jn.19:30.  Relative to this, we find the scripture asking…What is this creation of man, and what did God have in mind when He sent him Jesus? Heb.2:6.  "You made him a little lower than the angels; You crowned him with glory and honour and put everything under His feet.  In putting everything under him, God left nothing that is not subject to Him…(which includes the will of Satan and the will of man).  Yet at present we do not see everything subject to Him (nor man).  But we see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels, now crowned with glory and honour because He suffered death, so that by the grace of God He might taste death for everyone.

 In bringing (the) many (Ro.5:18,19 Grk.) sons to glory, it was fitting that God; for whom and through who everything exists, should make the author of their salvation perfect through suffering." Heb.2:7-10 [NIV]. Now, "if we suffer (for righteousness sake), we shall also reign with Him." 2Tim.2:12; 1Ptr.2:20,21.

 "Holy, holy, holy, LORD GOD ALMIGHTY." Rev.4:8.                By: K. Ross McKay  



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