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This poem is by Traci and I am Traci's dad. In the poem the blue line is my grandson. Traci is my blue line - but that is another grand poem.

By:  Mrs. Traci Cooper 6-7-2001 

Ah - Jesus Knew

The day finally came- the line in the box was blue.

Why now, after so much time? Who would have guessed? Who really knew?

- Jesus knew. He knew all along.
When the time would be right; when the time would be wrong.

"His timing is perfect",  we hear all our lives.
Then the bad news is learned- piercing hearts like sharp knives.

God- why all this pain?  How can this be a good thing?
We ask these questions of a God we've never seen.

Are you really in control?  Do you have a Divine plan?
Will he live to say, "I love you";  Will he grow to be a man?

These things run through my mind as I reflect on time gone by.
My emotions are at odds- at times I laugh, and others I cry.

Yet, in all of these things-the questions, the fears,
The wavering faith, the river of tears,

My soul knows the truth- Yes, Jesus knew all along.
He knew when I'd be weak, and knew when I'd be strong.

He is in control; He has a plan for my boy.
He entrusted Colin to me, and my life has been filled with new joy.

I think back on that day when the little line was blue.
Who would have guessed? Who really knew? 

Ah-Jesus knew.



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